I have been involved in a few game-projects for Virtual Fairground and Sanoma, creating concepts for titles such as ‘Duckworld’ (2014-2015) and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (2008-2009). With ‘Duckworld’, I stuck around to help set up the User Interface and supply the crew with sprites and posters to enrich (and authenticate) the experience.
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I have been attached to a few animation projects: -As design-supervisor for ‘the Incredible Adventures of Kika and Bob‘ (2006-2009), getting the most out of quite a memorable group of freshly young, hand-picked design-talent. -As art-director for ‘Woezel and Pip‘ (2010), translating a children’s book graphite illustration-style into a sleeker vector-based animation-style. -As designer of characters and background for documentary ‘Poor Us‘ (2012).
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Here’s a collection of posters and flyers, mainly created for the exhibitions featuring (paper-pseudonym) 3eyedbear. Photos, graphics and typo all crafted together by me. Workshop-video created by Matthijs Kamstra.
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Playing with words in a visual way is like puzzling out their particular meaning to me. I also like the fact that I never know how the outcome will end up being. I just start and pray it won’t take two months figuring out.
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Starting out as an escapism-project from creative reality in 2004, the world of 3eyedbear by now is an established name within the Urban Paper community, with book publications, worldwide exhibitions and commissions done for Smithsonian Institution, Hongkong Zoo, Goethe Institut, Epson and Nike. If you want to dive deeper into 3eyedbear’s universe, go directly to the dedicated website.
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Loose Ends

Here’re some more different projects I’ve been involved with. Concept, comic, animation and game-stuff mixed together.
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